Our Bag – Una and Lucy

For our bag design we decided to incorporate elements of the SS17 Miu Miu collection. We spotted 1960’s style bathing caps and flip flops which had the same floral designs.  They had them in many colour ways, but from Una’s primary research we gathered that Miu Miu’s current display colour way was pale blues. Therefore, we decided to place the white and blue flowers from the flip flops and bathing caps onto our bag as a repeat pattern. We then decided to add the Miu Miu logo onto the bag like they have previously with a silver outline rather than gold, as we felt this colour way works better, and there was more silver featured in this collection.

Our final bag design to be printed:

For the handle design we are going to loop a pale blue lace to match the design of the bag through silver chaining. We are also going to place a flower keyring onto the chain which consumers could then use after their purchase if this was to be a real Miu Miu bag, so they feel a part of the collection.


Our inspiration from the SS17 Miu Miu collection:









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