Miu Miu Film Ideas – Lucy

For our Miu Miu film we decided to research existing videos for the collection and previous films for old collections to see if there were similar vibes. I decided to look at the types of music used to see how this fits in with their campaigns. It appears that they move their videos on to the beat of the music layed over the top. Each frame only lasts a few seconds before it changes and their films are short and snappy. From previous films I noticed that they used quite funky music, they still portrayed this sense for their SS17 collection. However, they had a 40’s old style broadcast as well as the music for the film:

As you can hear, the music is very upbeat and fun alike the collection itself.

The full SS17 campaign video:

“Suddenly Next Summer, Alasdair McLellan’s third campaign for Miu Miu, imagines a group of friends led by American actress Elle Fanning on a daytime rendezvous along the beaches of California. Opening to the swinging sounds of big band jazz the film is an unfiltered dose of enthusiasm and joy as seen through the stylistic lens of home movies and mid-century newsreels. Fanning, alongside a cast including Karen Elson, Caroline Murphy, and Lara Stone, laugh and play as waves crash upon the shore, all the while narrated with a dry enthusiasm by a voice off-screen. Borrowed from a 1940 British Pathé story on bathing costumes, the narrator offers up commentary that is somehow both anachronistic and current. It’s all — as the voice reminds us — “very tasteful, very neat.”” – Taken from miumiu.com

The music idea for this collection is summery, jazzy and unfiltered. The voice is taken from a 1940’s narrative from  a British Pathe story on bathing costumes.

Looking back to their SS16 campaign video we can see it has a very different feel, but the idea of changing frames to the music is still present.

Where as for their AW17 collection video it’s slightly less upbeat portraying more of an Autumnal feel rather than Summer time:

To conclude, music is a big factor when it comes to campaign videos. The consumer needs to really get a feel for the collection linking with the time of year for it’s release. The music needs to relate the the style and era of the collection whilst linking well with their typical consumer.




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